unbelievable facts about the world


Unbelievable facts about the world


In 2010, a three year old boy playing with his father's metal detector found a 16th century gold pendant estimated to be worth $4 million



On 20 April 2008, a Brazilian priest strapped himself too 1,000 helium balloons during a fundraiser event for truck drivers.

He was an experienced skydiver and was attempting to break the record for the longest flight using party balloons. however, he went missing over the Atlantic ocean and his body was discovered months later by some tugboat workers



 Harry Patch, the last surviving soldier of world war 1, died at the age of 111 years, 1 Month, 1 week and 1 day



In 2012 a British man named Wesley Carrington bought a metal detector and within 20 minutes found gold from the Roman Age worth £100,000.


This picture shows how the human face would appear without muscles.

 All three women in this 1885 photo are the first female licensed doctors in their respective countries: India, Japan and Syria


Cathie Jung, the woman with the slimmest waist in the world, measures only 15 inches.



In 1958, two pilots Robert timm and John cook flew an aircraft for more than two months without landing, refulling by matching speed with a truck driving down a road. their record hasn't been broken yet.



Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean holds the record for the most expensive car repair bill. his insurance company had to pay out more than £900,000 after he crashed his mclaren f1.



Venice is sinking


A recent climate change study has warned that Venice will be underwater by 2100 if the acceleration of global warming is not curbed

Male sea slug cut off their own penis after sex and grow a new one before next mating season.


Bhutan is the only country in the world which never faced water crisis, food crisis, air pollution or water pollution..

In fact it is the only carbon negative country in the world where it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it actually produces.



Joe simonton, the guy who claimed that a UFO landed on his property and aliens cooked him a pancake


You may be suprised but on average, the NBA court cleaners salary is $80,000 per year. some experienced floor cleaners at NBA also earn up to $100,000 per annum



Charlie Duke left a family photo on the moon on April 23,1972 On the back side of the photo, a message reads: "this is the family of astronaut Duke from planet earth. landed on moon, April 1972



The most expensive wood in the world is African black wood which is extremely rare. The price of this wood is £8,000 per kilogram and it takes about 50 years for the tree to be ready. 

In china, if you hit someone with your car, you must pay for their medical care for the rest of their lives. however, if you kill some with your car you pay a one time fee, for this reason, it is fairly common for people to go back and kill someone they accidently hit.




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