Oddly Terrifying: The Most Unsettling Images To Give You The Creeps


Eyes that have seen a Nuclear Blast. Hiroshima, august 8,1945





 A women was found  skeletonized in her London flat after three years of being dead with the tv sill running



 War Changes You



 This Abandoned Hospital Had A Visitor Last Night




Biblically Accurate Angel



 Fingers Without Nails


 The Black Crack, A 65-Foot-Deep Fissure Along A Trail In Canyonlands National Park In Utah



Sears Tower During A Blackout



Mahatma Gandhi's Statue After Some Prankster Added Red Lights To The Eyes Of It (San Francisco, 2019)


 The Amount Of Birds In Rome


  This mummified dog found in a tree trunk




 The French

Imagine running into one of these sculptures, located in a french nature reserve


  Giant Hand In Forest

The tallest tree in wales got damaged by a storm and was supposed to be cut down, instead chainsaw artist Simon O'Rourke found a better solution to symbolise the tree's last attempt to reach the sky 



 The way these trees line up  



Girl in Tank Top Takes a Selfie While Driving


 A Foggy Playground Full of Swing Sets


Birds Running


 An MRI Scan Of Babies During Pregnancy


 Not Everything Needs To Breathe

 Driftwood Figures Roaming The Forest. By Japanese Artist, Nagato Iwasaki



 The Snapdragon Flower When It Dies



 Harpy Eagle



This Potato


 The Danish Special Forces Are Just Militarised Sleep Paralysis Demons







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