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Best mechanical keyboards for pc

the keyboard is very important for play and typing. An efficient keyboard makes a nice sound that makes us feel comfortable. Keyboards are very effective 1. Red Shadow Blade Machine Keyboard Drive, Spectrum LED Lights, Media Control Knob and Hand Support (Black) About this Switching Blue: Shadow blade comes loaded with Blue Clicky Switches that gives you a compelling answer to it.    It also helps to increase the speed of play by reducing the effort required to push keys all the way and offers a 100% typing speed bonus. LED: Has 22 Spectrum LED Mode for day and night time. You can adjust the LED according to your need Windows Key-Lock: With its Windows Key Lock you can play long hours without any hassle or interruption. Capable Floating Keys: The keys are well positioned which gives you a clickable sound and accurate results every time you click.    Its ergonomic design eliminates any pressure placed on it while using it.     Available on Amazon      Price: ₹ 2,299.00 2. Cosmic Byte CB